Isola dei Pescatori

Also known as Upper Island is the only one of the islands to be inhabited during all months of the year.

Situated just a few minutes by boat from the island Bella, wide only 100 350 meters in length, the island is home to a small village of fifty inhabitants characterized by a small square surrounded by narrow and winding streets that lead to the promenade on the northern tip of the ' island.

The charm of this island is represented precisely by the simplicity and rustic of buildings and streets that cross stood. Features in fact they are the homes to more luck plans to make the most of limited space: they are almost all with long balconies indispensable for drying fish, activities which at the time was the main economy of the island and, to date, accompanied local crafts, attracts many tourists. As clearly indicated by the name, the fishing activity is still much practiced, and you can taste the fresh fruits in one of the many restaurants overlooking the lake.

The island's history is ancient: we know that it was already inhabited seven hundred years ago. The parish church is dedicated to San Vittore and still retains its original apse with single lancet windows dating back to centuries. XI. Inside it preserves a sixteenth-century fresco depicting St. Agatha, as well as some seventeenth century paintings and wooden busts of the Apostles Peter and Andrew, patron of the fishermen.
Famous in Mid-August the procession of the fishing boats lit accompanying the statue of the Assumption - patron saint - transported on a boat around the island.