Isola Madre

The Isola Madre, despite being the largest of the Borromeo islands is not inhabited

It is located right in the middle of the Borromeo Gulf and has an area of ​​7,8 hectares mainly covered by gardens. It has a length of meters and a width of 330 220 on which they develop the Botanical Garden - one of the oldest in Italy - and the Borromeo Palace, built on the highest part of the island.

It is the largest island of Lake Maggiore and the atmosphere collection, silent and enchanted represent the main feature: a garden of rare plants and exotic flowers in which they live freely white and colored peacocks, parrots, ducks and pheasants variety, creating the charm of a tropical land.

Isola Madre is particularly famous for its azalea, rhododendron, magnolias, camellias, but also for the pergolas of ancient wisteria, the largest specimen of Cypress Europe Cashmere of over two hundred years, the espaliers of cedars and lemon trees, hibiscus collection, Ginkgo biloba.

In 1978 it was opened to the public on the sixteenth century Palazzo, interesting for the reconstruction of the antique interior with valuable furnishings and collections of liveries, dolls and porcelain.
Exceptional exposition of "Puppet Theaters" of the '600 /' 800.
Isola Madre leaves the visitor a feeling of extreme elegance in the care of the gardens and to the interiors offering a certain quality that the most demanding tourists.