Beautiful island

Isola Bella, located in the Borromeo Gulf at only 400 meters offshore Stresa, is considered a natural jewel that the hand of man has made it even more precious.

Second area with its 320 180 meters long and wide - almost entirely occupied by the imposing Palace and the lush Italian garden in baroque style - is always a must for tourists of all nations.

The monumental palace in Baroque style, whose construction got underway in 1632 by decision of the Count Vitaliano Borromeo, offers visitors a sumptuous setting with elegantly furnished rooms with priceless works of art, tapestries, valuable furniture, statues, paintings, stucco but also has an unusual mosaic grotto, a cool and delightful.

After visiting the palace, gardens are accessed through a pleasant walk. This unique flowered monument ornate terraces, is a classic and inimitable example of "Italian" seventeenth-century garden. Among rare and exotic plants, the spectacular flowering is designed to provide color and fragrance from March to October and the parallel presence of statues, obelisks, stone staircases and balustrades symbolizes the splendours of an era.

Palace and gardens were in fact conceived as one of great visual impact entities: from small island inhabited by fishermen, the island took the form of an imaginary vessel with the villa built in the narrowest part to the north (foredeck) and garden in the widest part of the south (rear deck).